The Vortex Centre For Wellbeing and Me

The Vortex Centre For Wellbeing opened in the spring of 2016 with the simple intention to help as many people as possible find their way back to natural balance and wellbeing by sharing the lessons and experiences I have learned on my own journey since 1996. 

My name is Jim McFadyen

The Truth That Sets Us Free

I was ‘blessed’ to have a significant life changing experience many years ago and this work is the expansion that came from much contrast.  

With the intention to serve The Greatest Good always and the knowing that The Truth Shall Set Us All Free…my ‘goal’ is to spread Awareness, Practices and Principles that help those searching realise and experience just how Powerful and Divine in Nature We as Human Beings Truly Are. 

The Vortex Centre

The Vortex Centre was opened to help individuals and small groups (up to 10 at present) navigate their way forward in the Fields of Personal and Spiritual development as simply and effectively as possible. 

All tools and techniques are in alignment with the Laws of Nature and Inspiration is the fuel of choice. Power over Force, Allowing and Always Flowing, I believe that this work should feel easy to those seeking change or expansion and should ALWAYS Feel Good so you know when moving in the right direction.