Reset and Reconnect

This program is a combination of Intentional Breathing and Exposure to Cold Water in either a cold shower, an ice-bath, or Union with The Natural Cold of Mother Nature in the rivers ,lochs or sea around Scotland. 

My fascination with Nature and her healing capabilities started many years ago with my own healing journey and by adding my experience gained as a graduate of the Wim Hof Method Academy in 2017 and subsequent years as a WHM Certified Instructor, I have guided thousands of people to be able to use safely Nature’s Elements and Cold Exposure in aid of healing, recovery, and in the intentional pursuit of absolute natural vitality. 

Cold Water Exposure as a natural holistic therapy

This program is designed to show an easy pathway for anyone who would like to learn ways of using cold water exposure as a natural holistic therapy. 

Perfect for anyone in physical pain, any level of anxiety or depression, PTSD, autoimmune disease, weak immune system, lack of energy or fatigue, excess weight or obesity, trouble sleeping or switching off…Gradual exposure to the cold helps so many things in so many ways. 

Huge advantages to be gained by athletes (professional or amateur) looking to improve sports performance or recovery. 

Intentional Mastery