I have been training and subjecting myself to the benefits of heat exposure longer than I have with the cold. When I found the cold and then started to learn the science behind what is going on within the body in 2017 I was also researching the incredible benefits of heat at the same time…Another stressor to the body and at the opposite end of the spectrum from extreme cold it is again all about putting our body under controlled stress to induce the natural response and all the good that comes from controlled adversity.

Many life changing benefits similar to cold-exposure including : inflammation and pain, cardiovascular health and longevity, brain health and many associated degenerative conditions, detoxification and purification, improved immune function, improved sleep, stress management and relaxation…Again it is one of those – Everything gets better. When combined with cold exposure we are able to give every single system and ‘level’ of the human body a work-out that has profound lasting benefits with almost zero physical strain on the body…Only goodness. We have a traditional wood-burning barrel sauna at

The Vortex Centre For Wellbeing that has been in almost daily use since 2020. So many have and continue to benefit.

The Intentional Breath