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The Vortex Centre
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 by Kirsty Mccourt

I was going through a period of stress and felt like my life was out of control. A friend recommended the Friday night in.

A fantastic evening, learning about breathing and meditating. A very emotional experience which I loved.

The cold water exposure was brilliant and afterwards I felt amazing and could not stop smiling.

My first Friday night in but not my last, highly recommended this.

Met a great group of people too and Jim is so welcoming

 by Jamie mcewan

Where to start, Had seen many off my friends go to the vortex centre and most we’re really struggling and could see what the centre and Jim had done to change their life’s.

First time I phoned him it was actually about a good friend who was struggling and from the first phone call Jim was there for us. We went to the vortex centre and I thought I was only there to support my friend but actually realised I could actually learn and get some help myself. Jim helped with breathing techniques and cold exposure.

Jim was open and helped not just my friend but myself too and from that night it changed both our life’s. We are both still in contact with him weekly sometimes daily just depends on how we are feeling. That’s the thing about Jim he’s there for you from the first time you met or contact him.

For anyone that needs a little help I would recommend the vortex centre. We all need a little help and put back on the right path.

 by Candice

Where would I be without Jim & the vortex centre? I would still be lost and confused, and not connected back to myself.
The way you feel when you leave the vortex is incredible.
Jim has changed our lives for the better. Thank you Jim!

 by Andrew Lambert

We had an amazing time at the Vortex Centre with Jim. I left feeling the best I have felt in a long time. An extremely knowledgeable, switched on and caring guy. Much appreciated Jim for all your work and time.

 by Pat Brown


I have to write about the wonderful experience I’ve had with James…from the first day I met him I’ve know it was Devine intervention…some how he was directed to me during the first lock down..I had a terrible experience with my health 2019 and I knew through my contact with God there was a reason for me to stay on Earth …so James has learned me to breath properly and strengthen my immune system …
I came to James
I came to Trust
I believed you could train me to breath …after years on steroids …I took the tools and practiced and persisted daily …I took small steps and trusted you…then I joined heal Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 mostly because you were there to guide me into the water and wow I loved from my heart ❤️ to your ♥️I thank you for believing in me today was the icing on the cake …I stepped into the Vortex and wow my friend …thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏻 Namaste

 by William OHara

There are no words to describe how much this place has changed my life, since meeting Jim and learning the tools and techniques he teaches my life has improved massively.

I can't thank the vortex centre enough for changing my life.

 by Nora + Nandor

From the moment we landed our journey started. James picked us up and we felt so warmly welcomed. No judgments and his intentions are so genuine as James embodies 'living from the heart'. We knew instantly that our healing was going to begin.

We went through amazing breathing sessions where the body felt super light and relaxed, whilst his empowering voice entered deep in our subconscious mind, opening very deep mental blockades /misbeliefs, allowing confidence and self-love to settle.

James was filling some open gabs/wounds on both our journeys. He made our stay very personal and adjusted it to our needs, hence there was no fixed program.
We both experienced different specific learnings during the weekend. For example, certain meditation technics that were unclear before and to fully let go and become one with the river and embrace the cold.

It truly was a very special holiday, different than any other holiday we have ever made before. We could really recharge our batteries, we laughed so much from the heart, ate very healthy, homemade, and delicious food. We met a great friend for life.

We did stay at the Vortex last year just before lockdown started, so the timing was perfect. As we continued the practices during a time it was very needed and we realized the tools are so beneficial.

We will definitely visit James and the Vortex again! With all honesty, we recommend a visit and you will leave with a lot more self-knowledge and tools you can use for the rest of your life. Plus Scotland is such a beautiful country, which is a bonus.

 by Darren Adam

My first introduction to James was at a psychotherapy group session trying to find sense in my life, that was filled with physical and emotional trauma, which I had no idea how to processes or handle it, that stemmed from my early childhood violence and emotional abuse to surviving a motorbike crash that left me wheelchair for over a year, to the death of family members, at the age of 45 suffering from complex Ptsd I was willing to try anything, just to think straight.

With this introduction to the breath work, which being ex-military personnel and asked to lie down and breathe was a strange request, yet in the 30 minutes that had past, I felt relaxed for once in my life.

Something had changed? And from there on in, I had to experience and learn what this breathing was. After a few months of questioning and listening to James on social media, I plucked up the courage and asked to join him at the river to experience the power and beauty of The Cold and of Mother Nature. And from that day onwards, my life changed for the better, slowly through the breathing techniques and cold water exposure, I learned to let go of all the trauma of the past, which was trapped deep inside.

Now 2 years later I look back and I don’t recognise myself anymore, more relaxed, happier, the stress, anxiety and depression are gone. If you’re struggling with stress, anxiety and depression or just want to improve your health and well-being, please reach out to James.

The methods and tools he teaches you, gives you a way to happier healthier version of yourself and a better quality of life.

Thank you James

 by Tamara Levinson

If you are looking to have a transformative experience through the practice of cold exposure and breathwork, Jim at the Vortex Centre is the guide of dreams! As an Olympian, professional athlete, and ‘emotional body guide’ myself, I can honestly say that you are safe and sound, and wonderfully attended to in Jim’s very knowledgeable and experienced hands. He guides is such a way that is welcoming and non intrusive.

He allows you to go at your own pace but also gives a push when needed. I myself much needed that push as cold water is one of my biggest fear. Jim got me to not only get in the water but relax during the process, and ensure it’s healing effects. His presence is an immense comfort! Not to be ignored is the breath work part of this practice of which again, Jim guidance is absolute perfection. In the weekend that my husband and I were at the vortex centre, Jim and his family treated us like their own. The experience was cleansing, enlightening and renewing.

I highly recommend giving the vortex centre a call and booking a spot ASAP! No matter what it is you might be looking for within this experience, may that be renewing oneself, seeking ways to ease pain or work through trauma, just curious about cold exposure, Jim at the vortex centre is the way to go.

 by Stephanie campbell

My experience with cold water started with a curious conversation with a friend who had started cold water immersion and wild swimming. It terrified me. The very thought of going to sit in freezing water was monsterous...
Roll on several months and I’m starting a conversation with Jim after watching Lilia Sinclair from Heal Scotland and ‘banter fae the burn’ that she broadcasts daily... “if she’s into it there must be something in it” I thought...

It was late January. My birthday treat had been cancelled and I was still wanting to enjoy some time with my close friends. We’d planned some cold water swimming in the sea however as we weren’t able to leave the city I thought I’d book us a wee treat of an ‘ice bath’ at the Vortex. I’d done arrow breaking and fire walks and thought it would be an ‘interesting’ experience for us to share. Little did I know or understand that this (what I initially thought to be a fun gimmicky activity) seemed to be gaining so much popularity was going to change my life so dramatically for the better...

Roll on my birthday treat and we all arrive at THE VORTEX. Jim is so humble. The love and connection one feels from him is palpable. His passion for cold water therapy is extraordinary and I’m instantly intrigued.
On a side note the last year had been incredibly destabilising for me and my business. I was teetering on the edge of life, scared and broken not really knowing if I could move forward, or wanted to and if I could then how? I had been trying to keep some order for those around me but in reality I was a tangled mess of fear, deep distrust, anger, anxiety, despondency and a massive amount of stress and hormonal disruption.
In truth. I was a broken mess.

If you believe in synchronicity I was most definitely guided to book a session with The Vortex and I’ll be forever grateful to this life changing experience.
From the beautiful breath and meditation we experienced to the immersion into the -7 ice bath was the most incredible thing I have been witness too for years, if not ever! I emerged feeling amazing. Excited. Over the following days I was the observer, observing...who was this person? I didn’t recognise her but I was overwhelmed by my change and curious to see this continued experience unfold in the following days.
Jim’s emotional and physical support to each of us was perfect. He guided us in such a way during the session that we welcomed the cold. No fear. Only love. Supported and nurtured. As One.

I realised that for years I had been in a state of high stress and anxiety unbeknownst to me and once that was removed I had no idea who I was!
I was aware of old behaviours but as I navigated through my (new) life I was freer and more aware, peaceful. In a place of joy for the first time in a very long time. I was guided by my true self, I could hear my divine. I had this beautiful voice inside offering me different solutions to my old behaviours and reactions. It was quite magical. I was allowed to just ‘be’. I had literally been reborn.

I now needed to know more. I continued to cold shower daily to start with and then a few times a week and contemplate the differences I was witnessing between using the simple technique and not. 100% improvements in my daily life that usually carried on for days.
I spoke to Jim about my experiences and procrastination on getting into the cold.
We looked at different ways I could incorporate it into my daily routine. Now after doing it for 10(and counting!) days consecutively its now part of my daily life no thoughts, I just do it. I can never imagine life without this magic superpower I have at my fingertips. Something so simple. Yet so powerful and life changing and it’s available to all!

The Vortex showed me THE WAY and I will always be (internally and) eternally grateful for Jim, his extraordinary love and guidance throughout this part of my journey was incredible...forever grateful to him and filled with so much gratitude for this wonderful experience he shared with me in such a loving and humbling way. I have to say, there is nothing so simple, yet so effective at keeping ones stress (as well as all the other imbalances it can and does help with!) in check I have ever bared witness to on this planet.

Heart opening. Love. Healing. Ego busting. Peace. Humbling. Joy. Perfect harmony.

To find powerful enough words to describe the work Jim and The Vortex are accomplishing is a’s so powerful!!! all i know is that this work is so vital to our very live in this joyful peace that the cold affords us under Jim’s guidance is such a gift and a blessing! 🙏❤️🙏

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