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The Vortex Centre
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 23 reviews
 by Claire Lithgow

Fantastic center! Would highly recommend when Friday night in last night was amazing ! And met loads amazing people
Can’t wait for next one xx

 by Julie McSherry

Jim's honesty and integrity in speaking his truth is an inspiration to the sleepers and the awakened in equal measure.

 by Gary Forrest

I’ve done both a 1 to 1 and and group session with Jim.
Both were absolutely amazing. Can’t thank him enough. Was going through a tough time and realised that some things had to change. Learning techniques at the vortex has helped massively and has improved my lifestyle and outlook on everything in such a big way in just a short space of time!

 by MJ

Love love love I celebrated my 40th birthday at a Friday night in event 💗 what an experience! If you need to reset, destress, reconnect with yourself this is the experience for you!! I felt amazing after the event and never thought I’d have the courage to do the cold water exposure. I was so proud of myself and absolutely buzzing after it! What a sleep I had and my mood was lifted instantly! Jim is such a delight to be around, he was so welcoming and his energy was beautiful💖💖

 by Kirsty Mccourt

I was going through a period of stress and felt like my life was out of control. A friend recommended the Friday night in.

A fantastic evening, learning about breathing and meditating. A very emotional experience which I loved.

The cold water exposure was brilliant and afterwards I felt amazing and could not stop smiling.

My first Friday night in but not my last, highly recommended this.

Met a great group of people too and Jim is so welcoming

 by Jamie mcewan

Where to start, Had seen many off my friends go to the vortex centre and most we’re really struggling and could see what the centre and Jim had done to change their life’s.

First time I phoned him it was actually about a good friend who was struggling and from the first phone call Jim was there for us. We went to the vortex centre and I thought I was only there to support my friend but actually realised I could actually learn and get some help myself. Jim helped with breathing techniques and cold exposure.

Jim was open and helped not just my friend but myself too and from that night it changed both our life’s. We are both still in contact with him weekly sometimes daily just depends on how we are feeling. That’s the thing about Jim he’s there for you from the first time you met or contact him.

For anyone that needs a little help I would recommend the vortex centre. We all need a little help and put back on the right path.

 by Candice

Where would I be without Jim & the vortex centre? I would still be lost and confused, and not connected back to myself.
The way you feel when you leave the vortex is incredible.
Jim has changed our lives for the better. Thank you Jim!

 by Andrew Lambert

We had an amazing time at the Vortex Centre with Jim. I left feeling the best I have felt in a long time. An extremely knowledgeable, switched on and caring guy. Much appreciated Jim for all your work and time.

 by Pat Brown


I have to write about the wonderful experience I’ve had with James…from the first day I met him I’ve know it was Devine intervention…some how he was directed to me during the first lock down..I had a terrible experience with my health 2019 and I knew through my contact with God there was a reason for me to stay on Earth …so James has learned me to breath properly and strengthen my immune system …
I came to James
I came to Trust
I believed you could train me to breath …after years on steroids …I took the tools and practiced and persisted daily …I took small steps and trusted you…then I joined heal Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 mostly because you were there to guide me into the water and wow I loved from my heart ❤️ to your ♥️I thank you for believing in me today was the icing on the cake …I stepped into the Vortex and wow my friend …thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏻 Namaste

 by William OHara

There are no words to describe how much this place has changed my life, since meeting Jim and learning the tools and techniques he teaches my life has improved massively.

I can't thank the vortex centre enough for changing my life.

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