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The Vortex Centre
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 by Simon

Visited Vortex on Friday with some friends . Jim is a great guy and would highly recommend . Changed my outlook on life . Will be visiting again πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ

 by Andrew

Been watching jim for a good year plucked up the courage to ask for help did the Friday night in and had a really emotional experience like a release of traped emotions. Its hard to put into words but this spiritual experience has bought me closer to god in only a hour.

 by Kevin Preston

As a non-reconstructed 50 year old, I normally recoil from β€œwellness”, however having agreed to join my wife on a session, I would highly recommend it. Simple no nonsense techniques covering breathing and a gentle introduction to some principles around meditation. Jim was able to connect and deliver some straightforward and practical ideas that can easily be incorporated into any lifestyle. The highlight was the ice bath, a pragmatic demonstration of mind over matter, both invigorating and liberating. From being relatively closed, my mind is now far more open to the concepts Jim communicated and discussed. When all around is doom and gloom, wars, cost of living and useless politicians, it’s very refreshing to experience such positivity. Thanks again Jim.

 by Paula Ainslie

Been to the vortex a few times now and i can only say its life changing. Suffering from panic and anxiety the breathwork and meditation is on another level. It opened up a new world for me of love and light. Practicing cold water for a couple years the ice tub and Jims hypnotic calmness adds to the experience. Just wonderful and also met some life long friends along the way. πŸ’™πŸ™

 by Curtis Johnstone

Dont really know what to say other than Jim literally saved my life. The breath work, the cold , the meditation.... He literally saved my life. Cannot say enough good things aboutvthe Vortex and about Jim. Everybody should be doing this stuff. 12 out of 10. Thank you Jim

 by Lynd Wong

I met Jim at the Vortex a year ago when things in my ife were at an all time low. I attended group nights and met on a one to one for therapy....Jim is an open hearted soul who I felt able to confide in and I knew from the get go that I had come to the right place. I had already been doing Cold Water Therapy and I am in some fab groups, however I was at that point not doing the breathwork and meditation which I now value, both as a safety measure for my cold water therapy but also for helping control my anxiety related depression. Learning about the breathwork has literally been life changing for me in particular the nose breathing. If you havnt been to the Vortex I would recommend you pay a visit. Jim is Wim Hoff trained and has so much knowledge and expertise to share. This gained from years working with people just like me who have benefited from his care and support.
When you meet Jim you become part of something special.
I am a different person to how I was a year ago...I have my life back! Thanks Jim πŸ™ ❀

 by Angela

I went to the vortex on friday had been on a healing journey but felt something was missing i had a shift i cant quite put into words i cried trying to explain it i cant rate jims work highly enougj im truly grateful

 by Patrick Bonthrone

Amazing center . Jim's brilliant techniques help you almost immediately and helped me to change my outlook on life .

Highly recommend for all .

Thanks again .

 by Gemma

When I first contacted Jim I was hopeless. The anxiety was so severe I was living my life in fear with daily panic attacks. I’m pleased to say this is no longer my situation and I attribute that to The Vortex. Thank you Jim for giving me the tools to get my freedom back. I am truly blown away by the work you do. Amazing guy, amazing place. You need to experience it!

 by Paula Ainslie

I initially went to see jim at the vortex whilst going through many personal changes in my life, my anxiety and stress levels at an all time high. Life was demanding and i was searching for a release away from everyday chaos and stress. I started cold water emersion two years ago to help with my issues. The ice bath at the vortex is the tip of the iceberg, the true magic happens through jims meditation, hypnotic voice and life changeing guidance. I am truely blessed to have found this oasis of bliss. Wonderful! I actially feel my spirit leaving me and looking down on myself, levatating off the floor and surrounded by bright warm light and love. Forever thankful πŸ’™πŸ™

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