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Over 30 years direct daily involvement and experience in business at many levels I feel makes me qualified to help the corporate world in many different ways.

Business is actually relatively  ‘simple’ – it’s the people and external uncontrollable factors that make it difficult. Especially if you are relying on someone / anything else to help you get what and where you want. If we do what we promise when we promise it things would be so much easier. Unfortunately, this is so rarely the way things go…Add into that the almost incomprehensible way things have changed since 2020 it is easy to see why so many businesses are struggling to survive.

The stress and strain of the marketplace does not look like it is going to get easier anytime soon. Interest rates, Inflation supply chain, staffing challenges, fear, uncertainty, increased competition…(I’ll stop there)…Have many in a situation that is barely sustainable. Something needs to change if you are going to survive first and foremost before you ever even consider Thriving…

My solution with this (as with everything I do) is to go in and help / uplift / optimise first and foremost the most important commodity in any situation which would also apply to any business or organisation…The People.

By helping all individuals involved within The Team learn simple tools and techniques that transform their internal life, the by-product of what shows up each day can be improved in ways hard to believe.

Learning how to breathe with correct function, access the ‘Flow State’, generate limitless energy at will, be present and focused for as long as required, manage stress, manage and improve emotions, leave the day / job behind without taking it home, how to sleep properly…How to switch either ON or OFF…

We can very quickly help any employee from the janitor or night security all the way up to the M.D. or Owner back to a natural and empowering way of ‘living and being’ that benefits anyone who comes into contact with them not just in their working life but obviously their personal life away from work as well… Everyone benefits.

Then once we have got ‘IT’ for ourselves we can shift our attention to those around us and help others get what they need for themselves. Everybody wins. It is also hugely beneficial for team building and connection not just on an intellectual level but also at a Heart level when we go through breathwork, relaxation and meditation together as a group and we can for the first time (for some) see that we are actually ALL ON THE SAME SIDE… and ALL IN IT TOGETHER. Very Powerful.

Everything Changes. The awareness to see what you are
bringing to the mission day to day added to the intention to help and make it better brings value that is difficult to quantify. Everything gets better. Everybody wins.

From Business to Sports on any level the principles are the same

The athletes, individuals or entire Team will cross the line onto the pitch, arena, ring, cage…in a ‘State of Being’ I call The Samurai State… In The Flow. In The Moment. Well rested. Poised. Ready.

I teach all my students – ‘Chance’ is for the ill-prepared. And I absolutely HATE ‘luck’. The Irish can keep the luck.

To be prepared properly on all levels – ‘The Fight Before The Fight’ I call it in the program. To turn up at Exactly the correct moment. To Savour and Enjoy the Experience Present Willing and Able to deliver when required… ‘Winning’ a foregone conclusion. I have extensive experience in and around sports and sports people on every level. Hard to believe how much ones performance can improve just by breathing, sleeping, eating, thinking, intending and ‘expecting’ / Assuming ‘ PROPERLY’ can Do To Yer Game. Exciting stuff!

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