Who are you? Who are you REALLY?…

One of my first teachers Dr Wayne W. Dyer was the one who introduced me to spirituality and ‘God’ at a time when I was looking for something else, something REAL, something significant Something that had meaning and was not just another personal development fad that would be learned, applied, consumed and then let go…I had had enough of all of ‘that’ I wanted more. I wanted ‘IT ALL’.

The timing of Dr Dyers work he was releasing in the late 90’s and me looking for answers could not have been any better – ‘when the student is ready’ yet again for me; has been that way so many times. His books and audio programs relating to ‘spirituality’ and God were my constant companion for many years. My devotional daily practice of meditation started as a young man who had no idea what he was doing sitting with my eyes closed in ‘silence’ every night always starting around the same time, between 3am and 4am…Every Single Morning. Me, looking for answers to questions I had since my near death experience.

My 2 Questions

 “Who am I”…? And – “What is this life experience all about…”…?

Those where my questions.

After almost 2 decades of daily intentional inner-work on myself got the experience I had heard of, read about, and was absolutely going after…I had the direct experience of All That I AM. The Authentic Self. The Higher Self…I not only experienced ‘IT’ i actually became IT. Full Union with the Divine that I would call ‘God’. An enlightened experience. And enlightenment simply means the realisation of ALL THAT WE ARE. As Above So Below. The Kingdom Of God Is Within Us. Be Still And Know That I AM God – All Literal. We might not be the full thing…we are absolutely part of it and I now know thanks to that profound life changing realisation that we, me, you ,us…carry a piece of the Divine within us. Our Spirit. In our Hearts and in our Soul. And the purpose of meditation should be not just to quiet the mind, relax and escape.

But to experience, witness, and eventually become All That We Are in this lifetime…When in Union with The Divine. ‘Meditation’ The Way in.

When in Spirit, we become Inspired…And we take on the power of The Source that we came from. As Above So Below… Thanks to my intentional journey over the last 26 years and my desire to share what I have learned along ‘The Way’. Access to these divine gifts I know should be available to all. My intention to help mankind return back to the way it was and is supposed to be which includes the direct experience with The Divine we ALL carry within us. There is a ‘Way’. My intention to share it with anyone who is Drawn towards This Way. As One.

The Natural Path