The Program

‘The Program’ is the name given to the collective system that I share and teach with those who are interested in living an Intentional life. The result of my life’s work over the last 50 + years and based on a few simple principles that are in alignment with God and Consciousness, The Elements of Mother Nature, and full coherence with ‘The Way’ it was supposed to be…

The Intention – Mastery of The Self . A few ‘simple’ steps…

Simple yet not easy – But There Absolutely is a Way. Once we reconnect and remember The True Power that is ‘hidden’ inside each and every one of us ‘The Program’ offers those who are ready a system that once learned and applied to your daily life offers a bridge to so many benefits it is impossible to comprehend. Everything Gets Better. From The Very First ‘Step’. Geared towards 1on1 coaching but not exclusive to. The question of what makes you happy, smile, joyful, loving and fulfilled…? Is different for all…

Your work to reconnect back into ALL THAT YOU ARE and then stay on Your Path day-to-day until you reach that place called Freedom and the realization through direct experience of ‘ALL THAT YOU ARE’. It is through this shift in Consciousness we are able to Transcend that which once had us in bondage…’easily’.

Simple but not easy. But absolutely a Way. Gratitude for The Program! Inwards and Up.

The Goal is Simple

Mastery of 'The Self’

Mastery of Awareness. Mastery of Intention. Mastery of Alignment = Mastery Of The Self.

The Intentional Breath