Breathe and Believe

This guided breathing session has helped thousands of people over the last few years and is a huge part of our Mission here at The Vortex…A mixture of Guided Relaxation, Wim Hof Method Breath Work, Yogic Pranayama, Intentional Language and Positive Suggestion all done in the atmosphere of healing sound vibration music that makes this experience unforgettable. 

The aim of this session is to reset you back to the memory of just how incredible and powerful you truly are. The Intentional Breath combined with the new awareness and beliefs of what is possible will change you beyond any expectation.

Suitable for those looking to make big changes in their life

We go very deep with this and it is the Next Level Up from The Intentional Breath introductory session. 

Not suitable for first timers or anyone experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety, we recommend learning The Intentional Breath first and then progressing onto this one once comfortable with your breathing technique.

Reset and Reconnect