The Blue Flame Project

THE BLUE FLAME PROJECT is the name of the Mission to spread ‘basic’ Awareness and the many Profound Reasons for Living Intentionally in a way that enables us to reconnect back to our True Divine Self during this lifetime. 

I truly feel that there is only one thing missing from almost every human being on this planet right now…

We have no idea Who We REALLY Are

The Blue Flame

My intention with The Blue Flame is simple. To help as many as possible wake up from their hypnotic slumber and Reconnect Back into our True Divine Power that resides in Each and Every One of Us. 

The processes, tools and techniques I teach are based on what I have found worked best for me and the many others I’ve shared with over the last 2 decades. I feel blessed to have had so many great teachers eager to pass on their knowledge along the way, too many to name and deepest gratitude to all… 

I give thanks by sharing what I have learned through their teachings and combine with my own original work as we continue together with the unified intention to make things better for all. 

To Reconnect as many as possible back into the memory of who they REALLY are… The Blue Flame Project is the name of this Mission. 

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